5 Advanced Features of Fleet Management Software

3 min readOct 12, 2021

Fleet management is an important part of logistics and transportation management. Well-managed fleet of vehicles ensures that the transportation of goods happens at the right time, using least resources, and within the defined cost limits. Some of the other benefits of fleet management include-

  • Low vehicle maintenance costs
  • Reduced fuel costs and hence, overall transportation costs
  • Improved driver safety
  • Better fleet efficiency
  • No or less requirement for hiring additional vehicles from the market
  • On-time deliveries

Now a business with two or three vehicles can choose to manage them manually; but, for a business with hundreds of vehicles, it is good to opt-in for a fleet management system. Fleet management software or system makes it easier to manage delivery vehicles and drivers’ performance. Now when you know the benefits of fleet management software, let’s help you with choosing the best fleet software for your business.

5 Features to Look for While Choosing Fleet Management System

While getting a fleet software, make sure it includes these advanced features-

Automated route planning

Well-optimized delivery routes not only increase the chances for on-time deliveries but it also reduces the fuel cost and vehicle maintenance cost. The feature would allow fleet managers to overcome challenges associated with manual route planning and optimization. Digitized route planning considers multiple factors, such as road conditions, number of stops, road restrictions, real-time weather and traffic conditions, and more, to design the most efficient delivery route. It would be great if the route planning feature also includes dynamic route planning to design new routes immediately when a customer cancels/modifies the delivery date or time at the last moment.

Vehicle management

One of the important tasks for fleet managers is to select the right vehicle for delivering different types of goods. Fleet management system that comes with the vehicle management feature eases up this job. It automates the process of choosing the right delivery vehicle and driver. Besides, it also helps with vehicle maintenance by automatically notifying about the necessary vehicle repairs and maintenance tasks.

Real-time tracking

Tracking each vehicle that is out for delivery is possible only when you have a huge team. However, if you want to manage the entire fleet under one roof then it is best to get fleet management software. It is one of the important features that should be a part of your fleet management system. Therefore, check for it before you invest in the software.

Reports and analytics

The feature helps to make the most of data and provide useful insights to improve fleet management strategies. It can also help you to measure and monitor the performance of your riders as well as vehicles. Based on reports, fleet managers can also design effective strategies that can be profitable to your business.

Real-time visibility

Operational visibility is another crucial feature of a fleet management system. It can help fleet managers to scale the number of deliveries and gives complete control over all the fleet-related operations.

Choose the best fleet management software to reduce the overall transportation costs and ensure on-time deliveries. Instead of purchasing a fleet software, you can also invest in route planning software or logistics software that come up with the fleet management feature.