6 Key Features of Delivery Management Software

3 min readMay 19, 2021


With the change in delivery trends and rising expectations of consumers, delighting customers is no longer a cakewalk for the businesses. Customers capable of placing their orders in seconds also expect it to be delivered on the same or the next day. Making it possible is a real struggle for most of the organizations that have not explored the potential of the advanced delivery management system or opted for delivery management software.

By using delivery management software, businesses can not only streamline their delivery operations but also reduce the overall cost of delivery. Wondering how? Check out these six amazing features of delivery management software, and you will know how it can transform the complete delivery management process-

Hassle-free Integration

It would be good if the software can be easily integrated with your existing order management system. Such integration would relieve you from putting extra efforts for this task.

Auto order allocation and dispatching

The delivery management system you choose should have this feature to deal with the large volumes of orders. It should include a smart order management system to automatically segregate the goods, allocate to the right vehicle and driver, and schedule dispatching. Managing orders efficiently can help in facilitating same-day and next-day deliveries. Therefore, paying attention to it is really important.

Planning and optimizing routes automatically

Digitized route planning and optimization is necessary to find out the most efficient delivery routes. Even hiring huge teams for this task cannot match the productivity of delivery management software. Route optimization is imperative to avoid traffic issues, idling of engines, and other delivery-related problems. Make sure the delivery management system you choose has this feature. It should have predefined algorithms to consider delivery location, customer type, delivery time, road restrictions, traffic congestions, and other essential factors while generating delivery routes.

Order tracking

The delivery management system should also provide operational visibility and order tracking features to allow software users to have control over the operations. It would also help the vendor as well as the end customer to know where exactly the order is. The tracking should be in real-time, which would help to generate accurate ETAs.

Rider application

To make trip management easier for the riders, the software should include a rider application. Using the app or even a dedicated panel, riders can check preferred delivery-related preferences of customers, new pick up requests, return pick up requests, and other information. They can even communicate with the customers to get help on locating their address.

Reports and analytics

Getting useful insights on delivery helps in improving operational efficiency and thus, achieving customer satisfaction. Therefore, it should be a part of your delivery management software.

Besides, the aforementioned features, the software should also provide the customers with options like reschedule delivery time/address, share delivery feedback, request for an online payment link, and more.

Now when you know the features of an advanced delivery management system, it would also be easier for you to choose the best delivery management software for your business. Yes, it should include the features given in this article. And, if you want to go with what startups and enterprises have already been using, then go for Shipsy’s delivery management software. It is SaaS-based and tailor-made. You can contact Shipsy’s professionals to get a demonstration of the software.