7 Advantage of Automated Route Planning and Optimization

Automated Route Planning & Optimization

Long gone are the days when fleet professionals have to use pen and paper to set routes for different vehicles chosen for delivering products to customers’ doorsteps. It is the digital era, a time where automating tasks and processes has become the need of the hour to meet the growing expectations of customers and reduce dependency on human professionals. The same applies to route planning and optimization as well.

It is difficult to achieve the desired accuracy and deliver orders on time with manual route planning. Moreover, manual route planning also causes high driving time, inefficiency in operations, inability to maintain transparency, high fuel cost, idling of engines, high rate of RTO, and other problems. But automated route planning and optimization, done with route planning software, can fix all these transportation-related challenges and render businesses these following benefits-

1. Easy fleet management

Fleet management is an essential part of logistics and transportations; keeping track of the vehicles that are out for deliveries, returning after deliveries, and parked in the facility is necessary to manage your order deliveries. With route planning software that comes as a part of many transportation management software, managing all your fleets and tracking them in real-time is no less than a child’s play.

2. Efficient routes

Managing routes efficiently doesn’t mean finding the shortest route for reaching from source to destination. Rather, it signifies defining routes that make it possible to deliver more orders using one vehicle and utilizing minimum time. Automated route planning considers various factors such as the time slot selected by the customer, their membership plans, road restrictions, and more to ensure that every order delivers on the specified time using fewer resources.

3. Dynamic route planning

The efficient route planning also demands any software to generate dynamic routes when a customer cancels their order or changes their delivery time or address while the order is out for delivery. With dynamic route planning, drivers don’t have to make an attempt for the delivery of an order that has been rescheduled by the customers. They immediately get an alert for the changes, and the software displays a new route in a few minutes. Automating route planning with dynamic route planning can save a lot of cost and efforts. Moreover, it can also reduce the rate of “return to origin” as it increases the chances of first-attempt delivery.

4. Increased number of deliveries per vehicle

Automated route planning helps in increasing the number of DPV (deliveries per vehicle) by displaying the routes with no or minimum congestion. It also saves idling of the engine that would otherwise cause when a vehicle is stuck in traffic. Apart from this, route planning with an advanced transport management software also makes it easy to track all the vehicles to ensure that vehicles return at the estimated time and gets ready for the next delivery.

5. On-time deliveries

Efficient route optimization aims at delivering orders on the given time, which helps in achieving customer satisfaction. It creates routes that ensure that every order delivers on the right time. Planning routes manually by considering various constraints can eat up a significant amount of time, while the same done with software can be done in minutes.

6. Reduced fuel cost

More the number of vehicles on road means higher fuel cost; automated route planning aims at reducing fuel cost by ensuring one vehicle makes more deliveries. It also reduces driving time and avoids traffic congestion, which helps in minimizing the cost of fuel.

7. Keeps your drivers safe from adverse weather conditions

Route planning software looks into weather and other geographic conditions of a region on the time and date of delivery. It can alert about the adverse conditions in advance to ensure driver safety and timely deliveries.

If you, too, want to save big on the overall transportation cost while ensuring on-time deliveries and unmatched customer experience, then get Shipsy’s transport management software that comes up with automated route planning and dynamic route planning features.



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