Avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonment With Logistics Automation

2 min readDec 22, 2021

Long gone are the days when visiting physical stores and shopping malls was the only option for purchasing goods. It’s the digital era; a time where people can shop anything and everything they want within no time. Thanks to ongoing technological advances and increasing use of smartphones. To make the e-shopping experience smooth and hassle-free for the customers, e-retailers are focusing greatly on the quality, cost, and timely delivery of the products.

That’s because these three are among the major reasons why shoppers abandon their shopping carts, which directly impacts business profitability and reputation. Some other reasons behind shopping cart abandonment includes-

· Additional delivery charges at the time of checkout

· Unsatisfactory return policy

· No option for express delivery

· Limited online payment methods

If you, too, are among those online retailers that are struggling to eliminate these challenges, then this article is for you. Here we have mentioned how logistics automation can help get rid of these challenges and streamline deliveries while saving a significant amount of time and costs. Here is how it benefits-

Improves delivery management to minimize delivery fees

Logistics software automates order management, order dispatch, and various other processes that accelerates the order delivery process and ensures seamless management of all the operations. It also minimizes the need for human resources required for managing these operations. Automation of delivery-related processes and streamlining delivery management helps businesses to save delivery costs and hence, they can offer free deliveries.

Facilitates seamless return management

It’s true that returns take a toll on any business’ logistics costs. It initiates the entire journey of product from the scratch. Logistics software solution facilitates easy returns management by providing complete visibility and arranging return pick-ups cost efficiently. Instead of assigning a new driver for picking up the order, the software finds out drivers that are near to customers’ location. It means a driver completing delivery can in a particular area can do the return pick up, which not only saves costs but also a significant amount of time. And when the brand can manage returns without hiring additional resources, they can improve their return policies and delight customers.

Reduces delivery TAT

Logistics automation ensures every process completes within stipulated time; it results in reducing delivery turnaround time. By assuring speedy deliveries, the software allows brands to offer express delivery service, which is the need of the hour.

The only thing that requires attention is selecting the right logistics management software. Keeping in mind the current trends and choice of most businesses, a cloud-based logistics software is the right choice for businesses of all types. Therefore, find a reliable logistics software solution provider and get a customized one for your business today.