How can logistics management software help in improving customer experience?

Long gone are the days when waiting for a week or even more was considered a normal time for the delivery of a product. Now is the time for same-day or next-day deliveries; customers cannot stand delay in their order deliveries. To meet these growing demands and expectations of customers, businesses are automating their logistics operations by integrating logistics management software.

Logistics management software can automate processes like categorizing the orders based on various constraints, mapping them with a suitable vehicle, examining details of a vehicle and utilizing its capacity to the fullest, sending order tracking link to the customer, offering a dedicated app to the drivers to help them manage deliveries, allowing customers to change the delivery time, pin exact location, and share delivery experience, and various other tasks.

Now imagine how much manpower, time, and effort will be required to do all these tasks in a way that doesn’t increase your overall shipping cost and also help in achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Here are some ways how logistics management software can assist in improving customer experience, which is one of the goals of every business:

Timely deliveries

Apart from the products’ quality, the next thing customers are concerned about is its on-time delivery. If a customer doesn’t receive a product on the given time, it might disappoint them. And, if they experience the same problem for every order, they might even switch to a different website. With an automated logistics management system, you can be sure about the timely completion of every process involved in streamlining your business logistics.

Delivery preferences

To beat the cutting-throat competition and make customers feel special, you can provide them with the option for choosing various delivery-related preferences. This might include- delivery time slot selection, rescheduling deliveries, contactless delivery, and more. Using the logistics software, you can offer them this service, and hence, deliver a personalized experience.

Real-time order tracking

After placing the order, the next thing a customer waits for is its delivery. Providing them real-time order tracking can help them to know the updated status of the order, which would ultimately improve their experience. Using LMS software, you can automate “send tracking link” to the customer.

Pin exact location

Inability to find the address may lead to the delay in delivery; but using LMS software, you can provide the customers with an option to pin their exact location. As soon as a customer does that, the driver receives an alert and software shows the route for the delivery immediately.

Share delivery experience

Customers’ opinions matter! With logistics management software, you can provide them with the option to share delivery experience. This would also help you to improve your services and also to monitor your 3PL performance, if you are facilitating delivery services through a third-party logistics provider.

Request online payment

With logistics management software, you can give customers, who have selected “cash on delivery”, an option to pay online. They can request an online payment link and receive their order by completing the payment process.

Smoother returns

To deliver an unmatchable customer experience, businesses also have to pay attention to reverse logistics, which deals with order returns. LMS software also covers the “reverse logistics” part and ensures on-time pickups and delivery back to the origin to make the product available for the next purchase.

Which is the best logistics management software?

When it comes to choosing the best logistics management software provider, Shipsy is the name that comes on the top. Shipsy is a SaaS-based logistics management software suite provider that guarantees to optimize your operational efficiency and save logistics cost. The software can be easily integrated into your existing ERP to automate all the processes that are needed to ensure safe and timely deliveries of your products to the customers’ place.

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