How does a courier aggregator platform benefit an e-commerce company

3 min readSep 22, 2021


Most e-commerce companies, especially the ones with a huge customer base, outsource their logistics operations for efficient and effortless management. Having an in-house logistics team would serve the same purpose, but requires a great deal of attention and investment. Whereas with a third-party logistics service provider, you can relieve yourself from the hassle of managing logistics operations. All you need is someone to monitor the performance of 3PL providers and check the status of each delivery.

Consider a situation where you have to deliver multiple shipments to different geographies through different 3PL providers. Tracking and monitoring all the logistics partners, manually, would definitely be a tiresome task. However, the same can be done effortlessly by using the 3PL aggregator platform. Wondering how? Well, before we dig deeper let’s check out what a 3PL is.

What is 3PL?

3PL is third-party logistics and the company that offers 3PL services is known as 3PL provider. A 3PL service provider looks after the complete logistics operations of a company. These operations include warehouse management, inventory management, distribution, transportation, and delivery of goods. A 3PL company can help e-commerce firms to reach their logistics goals and reduce the overall delivery cost while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

What is the 3PL aggregator platform?

It’s a platform that allows you to monitor and manage 3PL activities under one roof. Using the platform, you can have complete control over the shipments or even check customer feedback in real-time.

Benefits of courier aggregator platform

A courier/logistics aggregator platform helps an e-commerce company to-

Track multiple shipments in real-time

E-commerce firms with customers across the country or nations hire multiple logistics partners for their order deliveries. With the help of a 3PL aggregator, they can track all their shipments from a single dashboard. Yes, a 3PL platform aids in unified order tracking.

Measure the performance of logistics partners

Courier aggregator platforms come up with an analytics and reports feature that can be used to get useful insights and measure the performance of each 3PL. E-commerce companies can take data-driven decisions and decide which courier company is best for their business.

Instant alerts

Courier aggregator systems send automatic alerts to make the e-commerce company aware of important delivery milestones. It can help the company to look into the problems that cause customer dissatisfaction and poor delivery experience.

Customer feedback collection

The e-commerce companies can also receive customer feedback on deliveries in real-time. It helps them to improve their logistics processes.

Why do businesses outsource their logistics services?

Logistics management through 3PL enables a business to save the overall logistics cost, relieve from the hassle of having in-house logistics team and infrastructure, helps them focus on their core business operations, enables business growth and expansion, and render a variety of other benefits. All an e-commerce company has to do is to find a reliable 3PL aggregator platform provider.




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