How does a logistics software solution improve fleet efficiency

3 min readSep 27, 2021

Fleet management plays a pivotal role in the success of a business’ logistics. Be it an e-commerce company with own fleet or a 3PL that offers logistics management services, monitoring and managing fleet efficiently is important for both. Well-managed fleet-

· Reduces the transportation cost and hence, the overall delivery costs

· Ensures on-time deliveries

· Minimizing the need for hiring more vehicles from the market

· Contributes to improving customer experience

· Utilizes every vehicle’s capacity and efficiency to the fullest

· Ensures hassle-free maintenance of every vehicle

Logistics scheduling software comes up with various built-in features that streamlines end-to-end logistics management. Merely by integrating logistics management systems, businesses can ensure a significant savings in the cost and a huge improvement in the customer experience.

Besides other benefits, a logistics solution also help in improving fleet efficiency. But before we mention how, let’s check out some of the common fleet management challenges-

· Not utilizing a vehicle’s capacity completely

· Inability to track every vehicle

· Poor trip (both primary and secondary) planning

· Problems with vehicle maintenance

Role of logistics management software in improving fleet efficiency

As aforementioned, logistics tracking system software or simply, logistics software includes various features that makes fleet management easier and effortless. It can easily synchronize with your fleet management system to get information like total number of vehicles, type of vehicles, vehicles’ capacity, and more.

After it fetches this information, there is no need for manual intervention to select the right vehicle for the delivery. Automating this process not only saves time, but also the cost of hiring a dedicated team for fleet management.

As soon as the logistics system accepts a new order, it segregates them based on factors like type of goods, weight & volume, and more. After that, the system finds for the driver and delivery vehicle that is suitable for the order(s). Both the driver and the fleet manager receive an automated alert. In short, logistics management software-

· Automates fleet selection process to save time, effort, and cost

· Fetches necessary information associated with vehicle to send alerts about the regular vehicle maintenance

· Ensures each vehicle’s capacity is being utilized to the fullest, which also minimizes the need for hiring more vehicles from the market

· Offers real-time visibility and tracking option to track every delivery

· Helps with primary and secondary trip planning

· Offers insights and analytics to monitor each vehicle and driver’s performance

All you have to do is to get a customized logistics solution for your business. Besides making fleet management better, the software would also help managing the other aspects of the logistics management. Considering the latest logistics trends in mind, you can opt-in for a SaaS-based or cloud-based logistics system that can be accessed from anywhere on any device.