Key benefits of courier management software

3 min readJun 24, 2021

We are living in a digital age, a time where people can get anything they want at a few taps on their mobile phone’s screen. That’s why businesses are shifting to the digital world to reach their customers easily and provide them with goods and services they want. However, offering quality products is not the only thing that needs attention, delivery of those products also requires equal attention. Startups with limited budgets and customers generally manage their delivery operations on their own. As the business grows, there arises a need for hiring professionals for the delivery.

That’s when courier or logistics companies come into play. Such companies offer logistics services so that online stores facilitate safe and timely deliveries of their products. Logistics services providers also need a system to manage multiple customers, ensure efficient delivery management, and avoid challenges like-

  • Lost packages
  • Late deliveries
  • Manual parcel sorting
  • Inefficient route planning
  • Lack of communication
  • Poor customer experience

Courier management software is what helps those courier companies with optimization of delivery operations in a timely and cost-controlled manner. Here are some of the other benefits of such software-

Courier operations optimization

Courier software automatically looks into new orders and then segregates them based on type, volume, size, delivery location, and other parameters. The software has a centralized dashboard to control and have visibility on the complete delivery management process.

Schedule dispatching

The software also assigns the delivery vehicle and driver automatically, which eliminates the requirement of hiring dedicated professionals for the task.

Tracking deliveries and drivers’ performance

Courier software also facilitates real-time tracking of multiple orders. You can have an update on the status of your orders. Besides, you can also look into drivers’ history and delivery feedback to measure their performance.

Delivery feedback

The software automatically triggers an order tracking and delivery feedback link to the customers. Customers can rate their delivery experience, which the courier company can check and act accordingly.

Advantages of courier management software for your delivery agents

Most of the courier software come up with a dedicated driver application to let the delivery agents avail the following benefits-

Efficient delivery routes

Drivers can follow the optimized delivery routes to ensure that every parcel delivers on time. They can also get routes for heading back to the facility for the secondary trip.

Digitized proof of delivery

Drivers can collect and upload the digitized proof of delivery and facilitate contactless deliveries.

Communication with the end-customers and vendors

Using this feature, drivers can communicate with the end-customers to get more information about their location or to confirm their availability at the address at the time of delivery. They can also contact the vendor in case of vehicle breakdown or other route or order-related issues.

COD payment calculation

Drivers can also keep a record of the cash collected against the orders.

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