Key Contributors to Delivering Delightful Customer Experiences

3 min readNov 15, 2021

When it comes to e-commerce, customer experience is one of the major factors that helps a brand gain a competitive edge. It also helps in enhancing brand reputation and attracting new customers while retaining the existing ones. But the question is what factors contribute to delivering an unmatched customer experience. Delighting customers entails a lot of things, including providing them the right product at the right time and cost. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

You can vouch for the quality of the products but what you cannot be sure about is delivering them on the committed time. That’s because it requires a plethora of processes to streamline the last-mile journey of a product. In other words, a great deal of attention is needed on the packaging, labelling, dispatch, vehicle and driver selection, route optimization, and other last mile processes. Besides, some of the exceptional factors that can help delivering a great customer experience include-

Real-time visibility and tracking

Customers these days expect to have complete control on their product right after the purchase. And it is possible only by providing them visibility on their order. Real-time visibility along with tracking helps them know the exact status of their order. Apart from the order status, they can also look into the reasons for delay, if any.

Modify delivery date/time

Providing your customers the facility to reschedule delivery date, time, or even location can improve their experience. They can make changes to the delivery schedule in case they are not available at the address at the time of expected delivery. The service would not only delight them but also prevent drivers from wasting efforts to make a delivery attempt.

Check accurate delivery ETA and communicate with riders

This feature can also enhance customer experience; they can check the estimated time of arrival for their order. It can also reduce the number of calls to your customer support center. Apart from delivery ETA, provide your customers the facility to communicate with riders. They can pass on necessary information that can help drivers to locate the address without any hassle.

Instant alerts

Sending automatic alerts on each delivery milestone is important for customer gratification. It also improves engagement and increases the chances of customer satisfaction.

Submit feedback

Feedback is important for every brand to improve their processes and build a great reputation. Offer your customers the facility to submit delivery-related feedback and raise concern in case of any discrepancy.

You can achieve the goal of delighting your customers with these features by investing in last mile delivery software. Last mile logistics software or delivery management software expedite the entire last mile delivery process to ensure timely completion of operations and cost-effectiveness. Get a customized one from a reputed and trusted provider to avail all its benefits.