The significance of optimizing first-mile logistics

3 min readJul 6, 2021


Managing supply chain operations efficiently is not a child’s play for any business. It requires a full-fledged team to ensure the right execution and timely completion of every process involved in the movement of goods from one place to another. Most of the businesses reckon that it is the last mile logistics that impacts the most. While the truth is all three logistics, the first mile, middle mile/line haul, and last mile, have an equal role to play.

What is first mile logistics?

First mile, the core of your supply chain process, deals with the movement of goods from a manufacturing facility or retailer’s warehouse to a hub. These goods are then picked up either by in-house logistics team or courier company for the middle mile or last-mile delivery. An example of first mile delivery would be the DTDC (or any other courier company) picking up products from your warehouse to DTDC’s warehouse. Planning first mile logistics operations increases the chances for customer satisfaction and ensures the movement of goods is accomplished in a timely and cost-controlled manner.

Key challenges in first mile logistics

When it comes to the first mile logistics, businesses might find issues with labelling and packaging. Besides, lack of resources and incorrect details about where, when, and how the goods will be moved are two more concerns. To fix these and other first mile delivery challenges, the most viable solution is to automate the processes by integrating logistics management software. Such software digitizes first, middle, and last-mile delivery operations so that they can be managed effortlessly.

How is first mile delivery different from last mile delivery?

As mentioned earlier, first mile delivery deals with the first movement of goods from retailer or manufacturer’s warehouse to courier company’s warehouse. On the other hand, last mile delivery includes transportation of goods from the last hub or distribution point to the customer’s place. Both these operations need to be performed in a way to save time, money, and effort. And it can be made possible by upgrading your business logistics system.

How to optimize first mile logistics?

For first mile logistics optimisation, you can choose the best logistics management software. That’s because using the right technology for logistics management or first mile logistics management can benefit your business by eliminating the need for hiring resources, saving time and cost, and bringing perfection as well as transparency to each process. For getting a customised logistics software or logistics solution that can automate first, middle, and last mile delivery operations, you can reach out to Shipsy, one of the trusted SaaS-based software suite providers. Their professionals understand your particular business needs and customise the software accordingly. The best part of Shipsy’s logistics software is that it is SaaS-based; you won’t have to wait for long for the integration and deployment of the software.