Which is the best logistics management software in Saudi Arabia?

4 min readNov 5, 2020

Which is the best logistics management software in Saudi Arabia?

It is undeniable that technological advancements have brought a revolutionary change in all the industries and logistics and transportation sector is no exception. Talking particularly about Saudi Arabia, businesses (except those with big teams for managing different logistics-related tasks) that have not upgraded their logistics operations are struggling to deliver their orders on time at minimal cost and utilizing minimal resources.

Opting for logistics management software can make all such businesses to get rid of their logistics-related woes and save immense time, effort, and money. Give this article a read to know more about the same:

Why do businesses in Saudi Arabia need logistics management software?

Businesses that are still using traditional ways of managing their logistics are facing the following challenges:

· Lack of communication with drivers and customers

· Inefficient route planning and optimization

· Manual order allocation

· Inability to reduce the delivery time

· Problem in locating customers’ addresses

· Inability to utilize resources completely

· Inability to manage warehouse and transportation system

Which is the best LMS software?

When it comes to finding the best logistics management system in Saudi Arabia, Shipsy is one name that comes to the mind. Shipsy is a trusted logistics management software provider that has helped top companies to streamline their logistics operations and save huge on fuel cost, logistics & transportation cost, and optimize routes, and more. Shipsy’s clientele includes some of Saudi Arabia’s renowned companies such as:

· Zajil Express

· Al-Amin

· PAN gulf logistics

How do companies in Saudi Arabia benefit from LMS software?

The logistics management software can help e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, and other businesses to ensure safe and timely deliveries. Besides this, it can also help them to enjoy the following benefits:

Automated order management

The task of order management requires handling new orders, segregating them based on weight, volume, size, delivery location, and other factors, mapping them to the vehicles. All these processes need huge manpower, time, and effort. Using logistics management software, these processes can be digitized and the system will automatically segregate the orders and allocate them either to the self-owned vehicles or third-party logistics providers. The system would automatically look into new orders and vehicle information to manage everything without human intervention.

Vehicle capacity utilization

Using a vehicle’s capacity to the fullest can ensure the safety of the products and also make sure that every vehicle’s capacity to the fullest. Now considering vehicle type (frozen, chilled, regular, etc.), size, capacity limit, and other constraints manually cannot be done with accuracy and perfection. However, a logistics management system can do the same in just a matter of seconds and that too with utmost perfection.

Dedicated driver app

Most of the logistics management software come up with a dedicated driver app to make it easy for the drivers to check new pickup requests and manage the existing ones. They can also check delivery-related preferences, such as when a customer reschedules delivery so that they don’t have to make a failed delivery attempt. This would also help you to reduce the return to origin orders.

Contactless delivery

This pandemic has made it necessary for the businesses to offer contactless delivery service. With Shipsy’s logistics system, you can offer the contactless delivery option to ensure the safety of the delivery agents as well as customers. Three ways for providing this service include contactless delivery through photo capture, OTP, or automated call.

End-user visibility

With this feature, businesses can maintain transparency with their customers. Moreover, it can also help them to minimize the number of calls to the customer support center. It is simple when the customer is able to track his/her order in real-time, why would he/she call the customer support professionals to get the update on the same. Providing end-user visibility also leads to earning the trust of customers; thereby, building the right image of your business.

What difference can Shipsy’s LMS make to your business?

With Shipsy’s logistics management software, you can:

· Save approximately 20% delivery lead time

· Minimize your customer complaints by 35%

· Maximize the first-attempt delivery rate by 15%

· Maximize deliveries per vehicle by 20%

· Save around 20% turnaround time

Reach out to Shipsy with your specific logistics requirements and get customized logistics management software right away!